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Date Group Location
January 2013
1/12/2013 Malaby Tuba Trio 9:30 set at SubCulture NYC
1/13/2012 8:30pm TAMARINDO Cornelia St. Cafe, NYC
1/13/2012 10:00pm NOVELA Cornelia St. Cafe, NYC
1/13/2012 11:15pm PALOMA TRIO Cornelia St. Cafe, NYC
3/31/2013 MARK HELIAS' OPEN LOOSE Sunset, Paris/France
4/1/2013 MARK HELIAS' OPEN LOOSE Sunset, Paris/France
4/2/2013 MARK HELIAS' OPEN LOOSE Auditorium Jean-Pierre Dautel, Caen/France
4/3/2013 MARK HELIAS' OPEN LOOSE De Singer, Rijkevorsel/Belgium
4/5/2013 MARK HELIAS' OPEN LOOSE Institut Francais, Berlin/Germany
3/6/2013 MARK HELIAS' OPEN LOOSE Birdland, Neuburg/Germany
4/9/2013 MARK HELIAS' OPEN LOOSE Moods, Zurich/Switzerland
4/10/2013 MARK HELIAS' OPEN LOOSE Jazzclub Unterfahrt/Germany
4/11/2013 Ches Smith's These Arches Aarhus - Sun Ship
4/12/2013 Ches Smith's These Arches Copenhagen - Jazzhouse
4/13/2013 Ches Smith's These Arches Ulrichsberg - Jazz Atelier
4/14/2013 Ches Smith's These Arches Vienna - Porgy and Bess
4/15/2013 Ches Smith's These Arches Paris - Banlieues Bleues Festival
4/16/2013 Ches Smith's These Arches Ljubljana - Cankjarev Dom
4/17/2013 Ches Smith's These Arches Nantes - Pannonica
4/18/2013 Ches Smith's These Arches Padova - Centro d'Arte
4/19/2013 Ches Smith's These Arches Amsterdam - Bimhuis
4/20/2013 Ches Smith's These Arches Nueberg - Birdland
4/22/2013 Ches Smith's These Arches Catania - Cine Teatro Odeon
4/23/2013 Ches Smith's These Arches Groningen - Grand Theatre
4/24/2013 Ches Smith's These Arches Zurich - Rote Fabrik
5/15/2013 Paloma Trio with Ben Monder, Nasheet Waits Barbes, Brooklyn
7/23/2013 Tony Malaby TubaCello Quartet with Chris Hoffman, Dan Peck and John Hollenbeck Korso, Parkslope Brooklyn - 10:30 set
7/16/2013 Louie Belogenis' Twice Told Tales The Stone, sets at 8 and 10pm, NYC
7/20/2013 Ben Monder, Eivind Opsvik, Ches Smith Cornelia St. Cafe, NYC
7/21/2013 Nick Fraser Trio Downtown Music Gallery at 7pm, NYC
7/28/2013 Michael Moore Quintet with Mary Halverson, Mike Formanek, Gerald Cleaver The Stone, NYC
7/31/2013 TAMARINDO with William Parker and Nasheet Waits Greenwich House, 2 sets starting at 7:30 - NYC
9/20/2013 Nick Fraser Quartet Tranzac, Toronto, ON, Canada
9/21/2013 Nick Fraser Quartet The Jazz Room, Waterloo, ON, Canada
9/22/2013 Nick Fraser Quartet The Cellar, Vancouver, BC, Canada
9/23/2013 Nick Fraser Quartet Denman Town Hall, Denman Island, BC, Canada
9/25/2013 Nick Fraser Quartet West End Cultural Centre, Winnipeg, MB, Canada
9/26/2013 Nick Fraser Quartet The Music Studio, Brandon, MB, Canada
9/27/2013 Nick Fraser Quartet Yardbird Suite, Edmonton, AB, Canada
9/28/2013 Nick Fraser Quartet National Music Centre, Calgary, AB, Canada
9/29/2013 Nick Fraser Quartet Gig Space, Ottawa, ON, Canada
9/30/2013 Nick Fraser Quartet Casa del Popolo, Montreal, PQ, Canada
10/19/2013 Tony Malaby's Reading Band Jazz Gallery - NYC
11/16/2013 Tony Malaby's TubaCello Quartet Wroclaw Philharmonic Hall - Poland
11/24/2013 Friedli/Grenier/Malaby Trio Bau 4 at Altbüron, Switzerland
11/24/2013 Friedli/Grenier/Malaby Trio Hächlerhaus Lenzburg, Switzerland: 8.30 p.m.
11/24/2013 Friedli/Grenier/Malaby Trio Unerhört-Festival Zurich, Switerald: 8 p.m.
11/24/2013 Friedli/Grenier/Malaby Trio Jazz in Bess Lugano, Switerland: 9 p.m.